Q. Is USMLE required for applying at this program?
A. Although many applicants have already taken the USMLE at the time of applying to us, it is not a requirement.

Q. How many LORs will I get?
A. You will receive one LOR.

Q. Will I be able to read the LOR?
A. You will be able to read the LOR which is not waived. You will not be able to read the waived LOR.

Q. When should I apply to this program?
A. You should apply as early as possible. We would recommend contacting us at least 2 months in advance to get your desired dates of externship/observership/elective.

Q. Can you tell me about the transportation and accommodation?
A. Please check it here.

If you have any other question, fill out the form at our Contact Us page or mail us at usceobservership@gmail.com