By definition, Externships are ‘hands on’, which means that they allow you direct patient contact. They allow you to take histories and perform actual physical examination on your patients, and thus showcase your skills and abilities as a physician. Therefore, they can earn you a stronger LOR. You can make use of externships to gain experience, establish important contacts, and thus strengthen your skills and the entire residency application. It also reflects your diligence, your empathy,and your willingness to work hard towards patient care. Externships also yield a strong LOR which can significantly fortify the quality of your residency application.

Course Objectives

  1. To perform as a member of a ward team
  2. To develop skills appropriate for post-graduate training
  3. To work directly as a sub-intern with resident and attending physician
  4. To develop decision-making skills particularly as it applies to diagnostic testing and therapy

Externs work at a hospital under the supervision of a US licensed attending physician.