About Our Program

Our Externship/Observership program was established in 2000 by Dr. Gupta. We initially accepted students from various agencies and we still accept it. Currently, we are working to get certified by American Medical Association. Forest Glen Medical Center  Externship/Observership program is an Outpatient/Inpatient program in Internal Medicine which concentrate on training IMGs/FMGs, American Caribbean schools graduates, to learn the American health system and improve their chances of getting into a residency.  Our program will allow you to:

  • Learn the process of obtaining a history and physical
  • Demonstrate patient/physician communication skills
  • Describe the role of the health care team
  • Review clinical, laboratory, and radiological data
  • Demonstrate web based research
  • Learn the process of writing a physician order
  • Learn the process of writing a medication order
  • Learn to present a clinical case for a patient conference
  • Be familiar with the appropriate attire for a hospital or clinic
  • Learn a basic understanding of HIPAA
  • Describe a valid informed consent
  • Learn Electronic Medical Record
  • Improve your scores on USMLE CS and CK

Our office is located on Forest Glen Station on Redline Metrorail at Forest Glen Medical Center in Silver Spring Maryland, off 495 Washington Beltway on Georgia Avenue North. Our office is beautiful and equipped. You will rotate at Dr. Gupta’s office and at nearby inpatient teaching hospital.